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Updated: 15 August 2018

Who Am I

I am a computer security professional with interests in mathematics, origami, juggling, and many other things. I'm using this site to discuss some of my interests and to share information with my family and friends.

Alas, I am not the amazing Broadway dancer of the same name.


Ofcourse, you want to check out the images at But I also really love a little program that lets you visualize space by flying to different places and seeing what it would look like from there. The program is Celestia, and you can get it here: Celestia Home. Download this free program and have fun. This program predates Google Earth and the Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope. I think it is still the best of the bunch and you can write your own navigation scripts for it. It has some issues, but it is an amazing program.

If you download Celestia, be sure to check out all the downloadable add-ons for it at: This site has high-res 3-D models of various objects for you to download. This includes planets, moons, asteroids as well as many man-made space craft.

I cannot do full justice to all the cool aspects of Celestia. Please check it out!